Pool FX Buyers Guide

Buying a new pool can be daunting.  And – there’s so much “jargon”  

We put together this BUYERS GUIDE to help you know the vitally important information

  • Quality of pool materials
    • Pools are made of resin, high end steel, and a hybrid.
    • Each has benefits.
  • Model numbers
    • Compare apples-to-apples.
    • Get model brand and model numbers.
  • Size the filter correctly
    • Inspect the specification paperwork.
    • Your filter output should match the pool water volume.
  • New pool accessories
    • Are you getting an automatic vacuum?
    • What brand are your accessories?
    • What would it cost you to buy those accessories separately?
    • Don’t settle for cheap accessories.
  • Quality of pool and liner
    • Is the liner overlap or beaded?  How thick is it?
    • What about the pool itself?
  • Warranty
    • How long and what does it cover?
  • On-Site Estimate
    • Someone should look at the site before pricing the installation.
  • Installation
    • Is it owner supervised?
    • If it is a subcontractor, who is responsible for the quality of work?
  • Price
    • Are all the columns of costs added up and the tax included?
    • Who is paying for water?

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